Moving on from Tearfund

In July 2019, I started at Tearfund in the role of PR & Media Officer, specifically focusing on working with their Ambassadors and generating media coverage for their fundraising projects.

As of February 2022, I’m moving on from the charity.

I have been very blessed by the Media Team, who took me on despite me having very little experience pitching stories to media outlets. I’d never even written a full press release before joining! Since then, I have written a bunch of releases, briefed a variety of spokespeople from the organisation and had fundraisers on national radio.

Here’s some of my highlights;

I’ve decided to move on from the organisation to something closer to home and into a role that uses some of the broadcasting technical skills I learnt whilst serving Westminster Chapel.

I am sad to be leaving the great Media Team. They have been very supportive as I’ve grown in my press release, writing and story pitching skills. I’ve also learnt some valuable lessons about reputational risk management and briefing spokespeople accordingly.

I was also a part of the Staff Council, where I counselled staff and facilitated some wider discussions about the organisation during all staff Q&A sessions.

So many people at the organisation have been very gracious with their time and energy when we’ve discussed media opportunities and projects. I am thankful for all of them and their knowledge.

You can find out more the charity Tearfund at

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