Creating Animations for Brands

Logos can be pretty boring sometimes.

They get printed on balloons, letterhead, car stickers and so forth, but none of them are animated.

Over recent years, I’ve been asked to animate some logos and event theming for a few organisations.

The Awards Ceremony

Having been involved in community radio since the age of 12, I love the idea of an awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work of those involved in local, grassroots radio. That’s what the Community Radio Awards does.

Christopher Smith of Vibrant Colour, old radio colleague and supporter of the event, asked me to animate the logo he’d worked on for the awards.

Alongside the looping logo animation, I created some motion backgrounds, which would be used as placeholders during the awards ceremony itself.

Scout & Girl Guiding Event

Poacher International Jamboree is an event which takes place every 4 years and with a new brand design, came a chance to add some energy into the logo.

Taking the friendship knot design and adding in a reveal and twirl gave video intros and announcements the excitement they desired.

The design is also being updated and reused for the Poacher 2021 event, which will be launched later this year.

Christmas Carols

Westminster Chapel‘s annual Christmas Carols are always a highlight in the church’s calendar, with 2018 being their biggest celebration yet.

With a glittery season brand, I injected some further sparkle in to the pre-service visuals and online publicity.

Alongside these visuals, variations were made to be used in the darkened venue. You can see some of them in action in this compilation video.

Future Projects

I’m currently working on some animations for Westminster Chapel’s Summer of Fun which will be happening throughout July in Central London.

If you’re interested in having you logo or brand animated, let me know.

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